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How can I get my girlfriend to wear a sexy outfit for Halloween?

Well I was at my local mall yesterday and me and one of my male friends were in our favorite shops called Hot Topic well when we walked in I saw some hot sexy Halloween costume. I started to talk to my friend and I said what would you think of my honey/ girlfriend wearing that. He said she look do hot in that. Well I don’t want to force her into something she doesn’t like but I want to see her that and I really like super hero costums. But I would really like to see her in one of these outfits. How could I get her to wear one?




this must the best outfit you can give.

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How do you choose your Halloween costumes?

Do you go to the costume store and see what’s there?
Do you rummage through your closet and put something together?
Do you base your Halloween costume choice on current events? Literary or film characters? Celebrities? Jobs or professions? Character types (e.g. nerd, preppy, jock, et al)? Ethnic groups or nationalities?
Does your mind or heart just light upon a choice so you say, "Yes, that’s what I want to be this year!"
Do you think about something you really want to do or be, and pattern your costume after that?

My costumes have involved current events, jobs, ethnic groups, fictional characters, and things that I want to be or do.

How about you?

I like monster, fictional characters, and celebrity costumes.

Actually when I get an idea I write it down in my "costume idea book". I write out all the ideas and how to construct the costume and how detailed I want it and everything. I also have a costumes idea file in my computer where I save pictures of costumes that inspire me or I want to make.

IDK I just really like monster costumes. They are my favorite. I like to make over the top monster costumes.

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What are some unique Halloween costumes?

For my Halloween costume this year, I want it to be unique and not something every other girl is wearing. Also has to be something I can recreate from a thrift store and the dollar store. Thanks!

If you’ve seen despicable me or despicable me 2 be a minion.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9slzmz6n64 This tutorial is great.

Or a zombie barbie.


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What are some creative ideas for halloween costumes?

im 14 so it has to be appropriate and i want something creative, that you can put together from stuff you have at home. Last year, I was an 80′s girl with the legwarmers, headband, etc. and the year before that i was a bag of jellybeans (clear garbage bag, and colourful balloons). Anything creative and fun to do!

Maybe you could dress up as one of these?
A nerd
queen of hearts
50′s girls (poodle skirts, longs socks, etc)
red riding hood, cowgirl
athlete (just a sports jersey and those headband things or something? with shorts?)
taylor swift girl vampire costumes
just have fun with it!!! good luck!!!! girl vampire costumes

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What are some group Halloween costume ideas for teens?

I need some Halloween costume ideas for a group of teens, mostly girls but like one guy. The costumes have to be appropriate for school. But we would wear them for Halloween too. Please comment with some good ideas! Thanks:)

you can dress like zombies and he can be a shooter

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What are good homemade halloween costumes for teens?

Theres a halloween costume contest at school with a cash prize. What are good easy to make costumes

Here are a bunch of easy, cheap homemade Halloween costume ideas I have written
up over the years. The links tell you how to put the costumes together.
You have most of what you need already. Have fun!

Easiest Costume Ever: Priest Movie 2011
Need a last-minute, easy costume? Male or female, young or old everyone will know you are from
the "Priest" movie of 2011! Here is how to put this easy costume together.


Cheap, Easy, and Fun Costumes Using Stuff in Your Closet!
Says it’s for kids, but anyone can use these ideas.


No Fangs on ‘Twilight’ Vampires! EASY ‘Twilight’ Vampire Costume


Halloween Costumes a Boy Will Wear, Even If He Is Too Cool


Celtic Halloween Costume: Woad from ‘King Arthur’ Using Blue Hair Spray


Short Girl Costumes that Are Original and Not Skanky


‘Legally Blonde’ Halloween Costume


Crazy Cat Lady Costume – and Tips for Making it Cute


Videos That Show How To Dress Like an Authentic Hippie


Videos That Show How To Dress Like a Real Ballerina


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Where can I find brown booty shorts with belt loops for a big buck hunter girl costum?

I agreed to go as a Big Buck Hunter girl for Halloween with my bf. I have found almost everything I need except the brown booty shorts, preferably with belt loops. Any suggestions?


a/q sites

of forever21

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Just found out we will be in Disneyland?

The monday after halloween decorations go up. Yay! What can we expect for halloween time there?

Nothing much they just have a lot of decorations like pumpkins on the ground and in the trees. A lot of kids also dress up in their Halloween costums. Halloween themed shows. It’s Disneyland so nothing scary is going to happen and people won’t hide around corners and jump out at you.

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What are some good ideas for halloween costumes for a GROUP of people?

I am planning to have a halloween party and I have 4 of us, and I want the theme all to go together? N E IDEAS??

Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and Joker… http://www.holidayblogging.com/2006/09/18/catwoman-is-always-a-sexy-costume/

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Halloween costume ideas for a 13 year old girl?

My school has october fest when everybody dresses up. If you dont dress up you look weird lol. So i need some good costume ideas!! I want to be cute but not slutty. Pictures would be good if you can find any, and im a normal height/weight if it maters. Thank you!

Be a cheerleader vampire! Get a cheerleader costume, some red eye contacts, and theatrical vampire fangs from party city!

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